Consult your insurance certificate everywhere &
report your damage easily

Having your insurance certificate at hand anytime, anywhere has never been easier. D'hondt Insurance is proud to present Mobiss, the app that takes your insurance experience to the next level.

Your helping hand along the way

Easily consult your insurance certificate

With Mobiss, you have your insurance certificate at your fingertips, wherever you are. No more hassle with paper documents that get lost or contain outdated information.

Download your insurance certificate

Through the app, you can download your proof of insurance effortlessly. No more calls or emails to your broker to get a copy.

Report an accident directly and error-free to your broker

Did you know that up to 15 per cent of claims declarations are filled in incorrectly by drivers, suddenly turning a legal claim into a fault claim....

Live assistance for filling in the European collision form

With Mobiss, our claims representatives watch live with you as you fill in the form, drastically reducing the chance of errors.

Download the app in the app store

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